Ryerson & Associates, P.C. is a growing, diversified law Firm, and an acknowledged leader in transnational law, company law, energy law, immigration law (with emphasis on EB-5 visas and Regional Centers), and transnational disputes. Assisting an international clientele of businesses and individuals in a wide variety of industries and circumstances, the Firm has the unique expertise, knowledge, and capability of bridging cultural divides in order to get successful results for its clients.


We are a resourceful and unique Firm comprised of, and associated with, a core group of thoughtful, highly experienced, and results oriented professionals, of diverse cultural backgrounds, joined in an effort to serve clients with the diplomacy and understanding required in the international arena.
What makes our success possible is our adherence to fundamental legal and business principles, disciplines, and applications, a balanced and managed process through which we can identify, act upon, and create the right strategic and legal solutions.
But, unlike other law firms, we are not just silent partners. We understand how business is done. We know what it takes.
In other words, rather than just sit in an “ivory tower,” we get out into the field as active participants. Our expertise is “hands-on” and always “on-call.”


Our practice is principally divided into two parts:
Inbound Work: Representing foreign companies and investors doing business, or desiring to do business, or invest, in the U.S.; or facing disputes, or requiring to initiate disputes, in the U.S.
Outbound Work: Representing domestic companies and individuals desiring to do business abroad, whether in energy, mining, manufacturing, trading, or infrastructure projects, and with foreign governments, government agencies, or private groups,
These areas of expertise include: foreign and domestic joint ventures; structuring of foreign investments in the U.S.; mergers and acquisitions; project planning, structuring, and financing; infrastructure projects; negotiation with foreign governments in connection with, inter alia, power purchase agreements, fuel supply agreements, gas purchase, sale, and supply agreements, implementation agreements, construction-related agreements, concession grants, production sharing agreements, government guarantees, and regulatory compliance; global marketing, technology licensing, and protection of intellectual property; international estate planning and asset protection; paymaster services; part time general counsel services; US employment and investment based immigration law, and litigation management and litigation management and arbitration.



Being a valued counselor, advisor and facilitator in bridging cultural divides while enabling the path for successful results for our clients, associates and families.

Our Values
  • Committed – being a dedicated counselor to our clients
  • Accountable – being responsible, efficient and effective
  • Respectful – being considerate, understanding and fair
  • Ethical – being honest, truthful, transparent and professional

Regardless of the practice area, at Ryerson & Associates we understand it takes more than just results to keep clients happy. That is why we believe the most important investment of all is in the continuous effort we make in getting to know and serve our clients, and applying our values to every representation.
At Ryerson & Associates, we are continuously seeking ways to add value to our clients’ projects and needs. We review and analyze a wide spectrum of choices for each client to ensure each recommended component contributes toward the desired goal.
CARE. Knowledge. Experience. Scope. Strategy. Tactics. Application. And Diplomacy. We have found it to be a winning combination for us and, more importantly, for our clients.

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